Residential Roofing

Does your home have a damaged roof? We are here to help! We offer evaluations, restorations, replacements, and maintenance.

Commercial Roofing

Does your Spartanburg building have a leaky roof? Dave's got you covered! We can upgrade your company by repairing any damage to your roof or maybe installing a new one.


Missing shingles can lead to water leaking into your roof or even your home. Do your property a favor, fix small issues before they become larger issues.

Storm Damage

Your roofing, siding, windows, and gutters can get dented or even ripped off of your structure when a storm comes. We are experts in quick response to natural disasters.

Wind and Hail Damage

Most wind and hail damages cannot be seen from ground level and go undetected to the inexperienced eye. If your roof isn’t leaking right now, it may leak soon and you don’t want to take that risk. Call us to do your maintenance and prevent any possible damage.

Custom Design

Our expertise in the field allows us to Custom Design your roof, we can build out specialty details!

With Dave’s Roofing, you’ll get innovative maintenance plans, extended warranties, and great customer service ensuring your satisfaction and a long term performance to your roof. Schedule a free inspection today (864) 574-7638. We’re proud to have a long list of satisfied customers, see what they have to say about us:

Spartanburg Commercial Roofing

Does your Spartanburg building have a leaky roof?

Spartanburg Residential Roofing

We are here to help.
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