With the advancement and invention of new technologies, our lives have transitioned from being dependent on some external source to being completely independent.

But few things cannot be based on this approach of “I’ll Do It On My Own” and roofing your home stays at the top among those things.

A roof is one of the most essential parts of any house. The lives of the people, and their assets in the house depend on it. Thus, roof maintenance and inspection are a matter of utmost concern, especially when the weather conditions are extreme or are predicted to be.

6 reasons to avoid self-roofing

There are many instances in life where we are confident enough to do a particular task, especially in an era where we can do anything by browsing the internet.

However, the tables turn completely in the case of roofing. While at the first instance it may seem as easy as playing a video game, it encapsulates hazardous and tedious tasks than what it is portrayed on guides that teach you how to roof on your own. Below are some genuine reasons why we should avoid the self-roofing of our homes.

The process of maintenance and repairing of the roof includes inspection of layers by professional roofers. Owing to your lack of expertise, you may not be able to figure out certain flaws in the roof. Therefore the process of self-roofing can lead to damages that weren’t there previously and ultimately cost you more.

Quality Guarantee

Professional roofers offer various guarantees once their job is done. This is something you may miss if you choose to do it yourself.


Roofing involves the use of various tools, building materials that a nonprofessional may not know about. This may pose a threat to the budget and potency of the roof.


Often the process of roofing seems to be based on a quick fix approach but it turns out to be complex, time-consuming, and tedious when we do it ourselves. The professionals are well versed and take comparatively less time.


The accidental factors that roofing may include if we do ourselves may turn out to be lethal.


Professional roofers are accustomed to the hazards and thus they carry out their job accordingly with protective measures. A novice can ignore the appropriate use of a ladder and injure themselves.

According to a study by WHO, Every year the United States reports approximately 160,000 serious cases of accidents caused by the mishandling of ladder during construction work.


Two Common Myths About Professional Roofing


1. Self-Roofing Is Inexpensive And Effective

This is one of the most common misleading arguments that some people have when sharing their views regarding professional roofing. Roofing, on the contrary, turns out to be way more expensive because of factors like negligible knowledge of the amount and quality of tools and building materials like asphalt, clay, and tiles. This can lead to disastrous situations and increase the chances of running out of budget.

2. Small Repairs Do Not Require Professional Roofers

This is also a notion that misleads the masses. This is a temptation many people have when they try to save money for small repairs. What most people don’t realize is even a small leakage or replacement of shingles may damage the entire roof. This leads to both financial and physical damage.

We need to understand that though we can browse through anything on the internet related to a certain task we want to complete, there are certain barriers out of our range. There may be repercussions if we cross them.

The proverb “incomplete knowledge is far more dangerous than no knowledge” stands true in the case of the self-roofing of houses. For example, when we have a serious health issue we visit a medical practitioner rather than researching on the internet. This is because the practitioner is skilled in that regard and has enough knowledge of the factors that may solve the problem. In the same way, professional roofers are highly skilled in repairing and replacing the roofs if needed.  

Points To Remember While Hiring Professional Roofers

To protect the integrity of our homes, it is essential to hire professional roofers. Discussed below are certain key points that an individual should keep in mind while hiring a professional roofer. 

Prefer Quality Over Cost

It simply means that one should not select a lesser price just to save money. This is because, in tough jobs like roofing, the quality factor overrules the monetary aspect. Cheap or low-quality service may compromise the integrity of the roof and freedom from other expenses.

Roofing Insurance

Insurance is an integral part that many people skip while hiring roofers. An individual should discuss everything related to insurance. This ranges from aspects that would be covered under the insurance to the process of filing a claim.

Check Reviews

Browsing reviews on the internet also plays an important role in selecting the right roofers. This gives you a glimpse of their work and customer satisfaction level.

Neglecting the maintenance of the roof of our houses can cause several problems. These problems can be hazardous to both your health and your bank account.

An individual should keep an eye on some factors that may help in toning down the cost over time. These factors include checking for any leakage from the roof, cracks or holes through which the sunlight comes can be seen, or a damaged chimney. To prevent any serious damage to the roof and the house, professional roofers should be hired immediately

Also, the roof should be replaced as soon as possible if more than ten years have passed since the installation, as the endurance capability of roofs starts to decrease.

You should make sure you consider all these factors before you decide on your roofing. Never compromise on the quality of the roofers you hire and always complete thorough research before hiring professionals.

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