Dave’s Roofing specializes in the removal of outdated roofing systems and the installation of a new flat roof structure.

Commercial & Industrial Flat Roofing Structures

Due to their unique architectural design, commercial and industrial buildings require special roofing materials. These buildings utilize flat roofing structures built-up, modified bitumen, or single-ply materials. With several decades of commercial and industrial roofing experience, Dave’s Roofing has the resources to spearhead your next roofing project.

The Flat Roof Replacement Process

The complete process of replacing a flat roof relies on several different factors. The condition the structure is in, the existing materials, and its age all play a pivotal role in determining the best course of action for replacement.

Dave’s Roofing uses an array of non-destructive tests to assess the condition of a flat commercial and industrial roof. The purpose of these tests is to detect weak spots, leaks, and other issues that can affect the structural integrity of the building.

Our tests also determine how effective the current structure is in relation to its age. At the conclusion of our tests, we will customize a replacement plan for your building. Worn out roofing materials can be dangerous, requiring specific disposal and removal methods.

Dave’s Roofing adheres to all EPA guidelines for disposing of hazardous waste, compliant with all federal and state regulations. By taking all potential risk factors into account, our team will produce your site plans and complete your project on-time and on-budget.

Environmentally-Friendly Flat Roofing Materials

Our single-ply membrane flat roofing materials are completely recyclable, surpassing current EPA specifications. This allows businesses to maintain long-term energy efficiently while reducing waste.

Dave’s Roofing is a popular local roofing company with massive experience in undertaking flat roof replacement projects for small and enterprise clients. Using top-quality products and effective roofing techniques, we provide exceptional value to both commercial and industrial clients.

Flat Roofing Options

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